Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Concert 'Hits' Rod Stewart in Jakarta: Nostalgia that cradles

Concert 'Hits' Rod Stewart in Jakarta: Nostalgia that cradles

 Two hours, 20 songs ... it was brief and less. That, Rod Stewart concert at the Jakarta Convention Center, Tuesday (31/01/2012) night so lull that song after song like a rolling fast, and suddenly the superstar has been up at the farewell.

In accordance with the editorial, 'The Greatest Hits Rod Stewart', concert that night presented the songs of the most popular of the British-born singer. With a hoarse voice, coarse second to none, the hedgehog hair was hypnotized by a stage action is really rich.

In terms of musicality, Rod spread of romantic pop music that mendayu, stomping rock n roll, country blues to sweet full flavor. In terms of attractions, a minimalist stage is turned on by Rod and three sexy girls with his backing vocals to dance and perform various other comical movements. Rod also communicative, full of humor and relaxed.

Rod opened with 'Downtown Train' a rhythmic being. Then, a number of songs "small talk" the other to warm the atmosphere, such as 'Tonight's the Night (Gonna be Alright)' before the audience began to "ngeh" that are on the stage was actually Rod Stewart. The audience began to sing the song 'First Cut is the Deepest' which is then connected to the 'Baby Jane'. Then came the song that is surely one of the most awaited, 'I Do not Want to Talk About It'.

Rod concert with neatly arranged grooves. He disappeared through the stage as much as 2 times for costume changes, from the initially pink, to purple to blue batik ends. Everything coat, his shirt neatly wrapped. Substitution costume was also as a break to change "theme". In the second part, the formation of the band turned into an acoustic set complete with violin and cello, to carry a 'Have I Told You Lately' is legendary.

In the acoustic session, Rod is also the song 'Reason to Believe' from 1971, which was sung again by Wilson Phillips in the late 80s. In part three, Rod again shake the stage with the formation of the band, complete with saxophone and trumpet, echoing back to rock n roll and blues.

There are parts where plastic balls that light emerging from behind the stage, and Rod kicked him out in all directions for grabs the audience. He was like when he was still the early 30's in the 1970 an energetic, handsome, blond and neatly. Born in London, 1945, the singer's real name Roderick David Stewart was formerly known masterful success of the songs that were previously less well-known as other singers performed.

In 1975 for example, he brought back 'Sailing' which three years earlier was barely known when sung by the Sutherland Brothers. Not only worldwide, packed songs on the album 'Atlantic Crossing' is marked hijrahnya Rod to the United States. The present generation may indeed be somewhat disconnected with the songs that Rod era. However, in the decade 2000 Rod tries to touch young children through the album series 'The Great American Song Book'.

As is predictable, 'Sailing' became a bonus track that night, which brought the audience shouting "more, more". And, when the song was echoed, in part the audience surged forward to capture the moment with their BB or iPhone. Yes, they are the generation that was born from an average of 40s era through the '70s. With ticket prices (what still needs the word 'relative'?) Expensive (most expensive USD 15 million and the 'cheapest' USD 1.5 million), Plenary Hall still feels crowded.

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