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Cybersequencer - Modern Music Production Software - Booom!!

Cybersequencer - Modern Music Production Software - Booom!!

Welcome to CyberSequencer = Advanced Beat Maker & Workstation - Online & Desktop Music Production Software  MEMBERS LOGIN >>

  It's f$*#(in AWESOME!! Make Beats & Music Online...
New - CyberSequencer is music production & beat making software at its finest! Control everything from bars to tempo to patterns for each measure.
This cloud based system runs on your MAC or PC or ONLINE! All 44.1 broadcast quality.wav from the sample library to your final export.
Create beats from the newest timba lick to your favorite house DJ club banger all within a few clicks of the mouse - or your hotkey triggers - yummy indeed mane! Make your own music in a snap!

  Screw other beat makers, THIS GOES HARDDDDDDD!
Juggle HOT stereo imaged samples in an easy to use grid. 10 sounds per kit (that's 10 x 16 tracks!).
Make hiphop beats that bang within minutes with your mouse, or with hotkeys as triggers (try them below). Copy > paste > edit > change kits all in a few clicks.
Best features: *Import our own sound *Master each kit and individual sound *Track out solo's on the fly.

  WARNING: Beat Maker Software That's Murks Beats.
Intuitive 4 octave sampling sequencer that is home to the industries newest speaker shattering sample banks & instrument libraries - all custom made by award winning producers who UNDERSTAND beats.
Simply lay your s#!t or trigger in melodies with hotkey shortcuts on 2 octaves. Uber bass, swiny leads, sick punches/hits, and 1000's of other bomb samples will finally make your patterns come to life - with a BANG.
Import sounds, edit + move notes around live on our quantized canvas = make big tunes FAST.

Live Track Screen Shots: Main Sequencer Panel. I'm Tellin' ya, in about 10 minutes you'll get absolutely BONKERS quality beats.
Make Rap, hiphop, house, jungle, anything! Music production software shouldn't be expensive, or hard to use - we know this!

Draw in a bar or two on a DRUM track, and open the bar panel:
Create your pattern, adjust volume masters of each sample,
and jog through sounds EASILY on the left all in one simple screen.
Your compositions will sound HOT and unique every time. It's a hip hop recording studio,
a music maker, a beat machine, and a production workstation like none other! Make badass beats online or on your desktop!
*Some call it musical tetris - whatever floats your boat! Each block triggers a sound, and yeah they do look almost like a tetris game, just better tunes :P

KeyBoard: Draw in bars on a KEY track, and open the bar panel:
Draw in your pattern or tap it in to the metronome in live record mode and HOTKEYS
(your computer keyboard triggers the notes on two octaves).
When you make a pattern you like, jog through sounds easily to find that purrrrrfect fit.
It's no wonder CYSEQ is quickly being labeled the best music production software of the year :)

Let's Compare To Other Similar Tools On The Market: It's YOUR BEATS at stake here, don't go in blind!

System Features Cyber
Sequencer Similar
16 Tracks - capable of 10 drum pads per track YES NO
EXPORTS to .wav - 44.1 - Stereo YES NO - MP3
Saves VOLUMES and settings of each project in the source file YES RESETS
Import your own kits easily and sequence them on the drum pads or on keys YES SOME
Pattern builder or one bar looper? Can I grow my bar count? YES SOME
Comes with x,xxx custom made sounds just for this ap in our internal studios YES REUSED
Variety of sounds not just drums, not just a few instruments YES OLD
Three panels to ensure you get the most out of your beat building process THREE ONE
Changes AND saves volumes of each channel and each pad YES NO
Universal tempo clock - Matches up to all popular DAW's for further editing YES SOME
Lightweight audio engine prevents lag and latency YES HEAVY
Make Beats Online version - MAC AND PC version - Flash Enabled Device version YES ONLINE

It's rather uncomparable - test it yourself and you'll agree!
It's not just a music producing software or a rap beat maker.. . ..
It's what's going to separate you from other producers.
It's the hiphop samples, the rap swines, the drum kits that have been perfected, and the easy to use sequencer that will make the beat building process fun and fast. 'Best music production software' labels or not, it's simply a one stop 3-panel shop filled with urban, modern, and classic samples to make you go boom.

Ready To Start Your 'Hit Maker' Journey?
When You Grab Your Beat Maker Today, (shhh) You Also Get:

***These took the LONGEST - we're supposed to be selling them as upgrades, but we wanted our launch to be special so we're pitchin' in ALL 12 PREMIUM VOX KITS for free today. Mastered to perfection with up to 5 octaves of each sample - stereo imaged and panned just right for your mixdowns. Your music will thank you.
LIMITED - each kit costs an extra $30. Thats $30 x 12 = $360 - yours free today.
There's Nothing Extra To Install,
We Already Loaded Them In For You.

Don't Sleep On It, This Launch Won't Last Long.
  "Yes, I'm ready to download my CYSEQ package on the next page.
  "Yes, make sure I still get this price while I am on this page please.
What Do YOU Get?
  CYSEQ Beat Maker Software- All Three Panels $189.99 nope: $7!
  Includes Drum & Keyboard Expansions - Yep, already pre-loaded for you!
  12+1 Premium VOX Sample packs - Amazing premium! $360 - FREE
  Second Computer Bonus License! - FREE
  Training Videos - How to be a hitmaker in minutes - FREE
  Upgrades are on the house for 20 years! Brrap!
  ---- Full 60 Day No Hassle No Guilt Trip Refund Policy

$29.95 WOW >>

This Is A One Time Payment - You Will NOT Be Billed Again
This Offer May Expire Without Notice.

Your orders are 100% SAFE and SECURE!
Your order will be processed through "ClickBank" & ensures that your transaction is secured by 128bit SSL encryption. All your information remains private & secure (we do not see or store any credit card information). We guarantee the safety & protection of your personal information.

If a new window does NOT open, please CLICK HERE to start your order.

A: NOTHING WILL BE SHIPPED TO YOUR HOME! We believe in keeping our business GREEN.
You will INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD YOUR SOFTWARE ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE - Use it online OR install it on your machine (or both) within a few minutes (depending on your internet connection speed).
Again, nothing is shipped to your home, and you can buy this from ANYWHERE in the world at any time, even if it's 3am!

It works with MAC - PC - FLASH enabled devices + an online version for internet/remote use.
Q: What if I've never made a beat?
A: We've setup videos that train you how to make beats and patterns fast. It's rather EASY once you get your first few bars down but we've made it dummy proof with our live training tutorials ;)
Q: Can I make full beats or is this just a 1 bar loop?
A: You can grow your bar count to anything you'd like up to 99 bars, any tempo
Q: Do I control the tempo? And is it universal?
A: YES! On both accounts - if you import your creations into other popular DAW's the timeline/tempo will match up perfectly. This was important for us actually because we use other DAW's a lot too.
Q: Can I hook this up to my keyboard or to Cubase or Logic or Protools or..... ?
A: At this time - No - Cyber Sequencer is a FULLY STANDALONE system - We are working towards turning this into a VST version in the future.
Q: Can I use my computer keyboard to control the sounds?
A: Yep! Your drum sounds are 1-0 on your keyboard, and two octaves of the keys on the screen are assigned to two octaves on the keyboard you type on, so you can preview or even record in your bars during live play/record mode.
Q: Do I need a fast computer?
A: Yes and no - We've developed CYSEQ with NO LIMITS. This means that instead of capping the ap ourselves, we let each individual computer cap wherever it's components allow. This basically means the faster your machine, and or the better your soundcard, the more responsive and less lag you'll have with this. However YES it works on old machines too, both Mac and PC - we also have an online version available to any machine with an internet connection.
Q: Is there customer support?
A: Yes, we have customer support available Mon-Fri and we do support tickets in batches daily as they come in. If you have any issues with any part of the ordering or installing process please get in touch with our support team and we'll take care of you right away.

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