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Industrial United States television series gathering popularity.

 Industrial United States television series gathering popularity.  JAKARTA, - Industrial United States television series gathering popularity. Various series ranging from comedy to action drama is produced. Stars top the previous "allergy" is now starring in the TV series it played in the series of glass screens.
The Firm, the 1993 hit film, starring Tom Cruise, for example, this year continued the story in the TV series. Version of the TV series starring Josh Lucas and Juliette Lewis. Popular series such as CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), NCIS (Naval Crime Investigation Service), and also continue to be produced until Justified seasonal.In fact, CSI and NCIS franchise made him, like CSI New York, CSI Miami, and NCIS Los Angeles.
Some time ago, TIME Magazine had the opportunity to see the production of such TV series in Los Angeles. CSI New York shooting (CSI NY) performed at the CBS studios in Los Angeles.For outdoor shooting, some streets in the area like a studio transformed the streets of New York.
When the group of journalists went to the CBS studio, shooting is underway. Visible character Danny and his wife, Lindsay, was on the lab. The scene that seems so simple it should be repeated up to eight times! Looks exactly the director wanted perfection.
If you watch CSI series, viewers will see the powerful tools in forensic laboratories. Forensic laboratories that are commonly used to identify items of evidence are made in a room. To look like a real laboratory, ditaruhlah many computers, microscopes, which is actually just a display.
During this season, further completing the CBS CSI New York's eighth season consisting of 18 episodes. This means the serial CSI New York has survived for eight years since the first airing in 2004.Early episodes of the eighth season has begun airing in the U.S., but not for Asia, including Indonesia which aired the series AXN.
CSI NY is a crime drama inspired by the successful drama CSI, telling investigators who use high-tech forensics to trace the evidence and solve cases in the city of New York. Each case is a difficult criminal cases. Search of evidence often reveal surprising things related to the perpetrator and his motives.
CSI NY this eighth season will bring back memories of a true love of lead character Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) who are victims of the tragedy of 9/11. Premiere episode the first time the figure presents a wife Mac, namely Claire (Jaime Ray Newman), on the day of incident events 9/11 was. In addition, there are flashbacks first meeting of the members of other teams such as the Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Flack (Eddie Cahill). This episode is very personal, touching, and are made available for dedicated to the families of the victims of tragedy 9/11.
There are missing in some episodes of this latest season of CSI NY. Mac plans to retire from CSI NY, which is told at the end of the seventh season, finally held on the eighth season. Mac left the CSI and the DNA lab work to help identify remains of victims of 9/11 that until now unknown.
That's why, when the group visiting journalists, Mac Taylor is gone.However, we still can meet with other stars such as Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer, Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe, Hill Harper as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, Eddie Cahill and as detective Don Flack.
In the interview, Carmine said he was never tired of playing in CSI NY. In fact, he hopes the series can continue. Anna Belknap is acting as a forensic investigator said, every season, the series CSI New York has its own challenges. Therefore, the cast is always required to perform excellent and work hard.
Justified on FX
Continued to visit Studio FX in Los Angeles to see the making of Justified serial starring Timothy Olyphant. Timothy Olyphant has played in films like A Perfect Getaway, and Die Hard 4.
Series produced by FX Productions and Sony Pictures Television has now entered its third season. However, aired by AXN network in Indonesia has just entered its second season.
Serial Justified is the story of a Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) is depicted as a hero, like wearing a Stetson cowboy hat and boots branded. The character is tough, but soft-spoken and uphold the moral. As a law enforcement, he was carrying a gun in his waist belt, but only used when necessary. If required to shoot, shoot to kill Raylan only because, according to him, yes that's the purpose of a firearm.
When he was interviewed at Studio FX, Timothy said, playing for the TV series is not much different from the big screen starring in the film. Both still require seriousness and hard work. Going forward, Timothy still be playing in a movie or a glass screen so long as he liked the role and story line.
Fans who are curious, happy to wait on the game. (M Dawn Marta)

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