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Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Buffy, True Blood tops SFX 50 Vampires of 2012

Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Buffy, True Blood tops SFX 50 Vampires of 2012

This year’s SFX top 50 Vampires of 2012 has a lot of new vampires and a lot of vampires moving around on the list. The biggest surprise is that the top three vampires of 2012 happen to be my favorite as well.

Sadly Spike was booted from #1 to #3 but at least it was Damon and Eric that bumped him out of the first spot.

There are vampired from new shows but I have to say that SFX did leave the best oldies in there- Dracula of all sorts- Bela, Frank, and even Gerard Bulter is included.

And the loving cartoons- Count and Duckula who remain to this day the top most recognized vampires of all times.

So, there are 14 new entries; has yours been bumped or added? Let's get to the list and see who made the list and who did not.

Here are the top 50 vampires with new entries noted.

Damon Salvatore-The Vampire Diaries – new entry
Eric Northman moved from 41- True Blood
Spike droped from #1- Buffy
Angel - Buffy
Pam from True Blood- new entry
Katherine from The Vampire Diaries- new entry
Klaus from The Vampire Diaries - new entry
Edward Cullen- Twilight
Bill Compton- True Blood
Alice Cullen - Twilight- new entry
Jessica Hamby- True Blood- new entry
Lestat- Interview with a Vampire
Druisilla- Buffy
Dracula from Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Stefan Salvatore- TVD- new entry
Willow from Buffy
Vlad from Young Dracula- new entry
Selene from Underworld
Mitchell from Being Human
Mick St. John from Moonlight
Russell Edgington- True Blood- new entry
Jasper Cullen – Twilight- new entry
Darla- Buffy
Claudia- Interview
Dracula ( Bela Lugosi)
Henry Fitzroy- Blood Ties
Count – Sesame Street
Dracula from the Hammer Films
David - The Lost Boys
Eli- Let the Right One in
Josef- Moonlight
Louis – Interview
Aidan - Being Human – new entry
Count Dukula
Harmony- Buffy
Dracula- Dracula 2000
Barnabus Collins- Dark Shadows
Orlok- Nosferatu
Deacon Frost – Blade
Abby- Let Me In- new entry
Herrick – Being Human
Nikola Tesla- Sanctuary- new entry
The Master from Buffy
Dracula- Frank Langella
Viktor – Underworld
Jerry Dandridge – Fright Night- 2011- new entry
Jerry Dandridge- Fright Night
Santanica- From Dusk til Dawn
Marlow – 30 Days of Nights


1.True Blood Season 5 tease
2.True Blood I
3.True Blood Remake

Eric’s Sister Cast for True Blood Season 5

British actress Lucy Griffiths, the 25 year old beauty who played Marian in the BBC drama Robin Hood will be portraying Eric’s Vampiric sister in season 5 of HBO.  To date we haven’t seen or heard anything about another immortal Northman so we’re dying to hear how she fits into the story!

 She is also an apparently disciple of Godric (Eric’s ‘maker’) and is now working as a double agent within the Vampire Authority.  Yikes!  The character is described as intelligent, methodical and a master manipulator (runs in the family, I guess?)
We’ll have to wait until next summer to find out for sure.  True Blood season 5 begins in roughly 7 months… I


True Blood Season 5: Vampire Authority hires double agent

Vampire Sheriff Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) showed his softer side in HBO's True Blood Season 4, after his memory was wiped out by a witch's curse. In season 5, Eric may have another chance to play the good guy with his sister, a vampire who is the progeny of Godric (Allan Hyde), Eric's maker. She is also a double agent for the Authority.

HBO has only released limited details on the new addition to the True Blood cast, but British actress Lucy Griffiths has been hired for the role, according to HBO.

Since Vampire Authority spokesperson Nan Flanagan, (Jessica Tuck) suffered the true death at the end of season 4, it would stand to reason that someone needs to fill the role of Vampire Authority antagonist. But will it really be Eric Northman's sister? Or will there be another vampire taking Nan's place.

The fact that Eric's sister has already been revealed as a double agent for the Vampire Authority might mean that Eric and his sister will be working together. The question is, whose side will they be on?


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