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Chairman of the MUI: Sacred Lady Gaga Concert

Chairman of the MUI: Sacred Lady Gaga Concert
It is feared that the major artists will be featured Nudity, not according to the rules of Islamic dress and could damage the morale of the youth of Indonesia, Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) advise the owners of the Lady Gaga concert tickets for the return ticket and ask for money back.
"[The concert] is intended to undermine the morality of the nation," said Chairman of the MUI, Cholil, Sunday (18/3), the Lady Gaga concert scheduled to take place June 3, quoted by the Jakarta Globe.
About 25 thousand tickets for Lady Gaga concert performances, "Born This Way Ball" reportedly sold out within 2 hours on the first day, Saturday (10/3) sales.
Cholil emphasized that claimed never to watch Lady Gaga at the concert, because of frequent indulgence in private parts, then the appearance of Lady Gaga haram, mainly because he was from Western culture.
Dress and dance show sexy style that is unlawful, Cholil added.
With so many singers who have performed abroad in Indonesia, Cholil said, it's time to end the "cultural assault" of this kind.
Cholil feared, the appearance of the artists are Muslim Indonesia to encourage young people to do things that made her idol, especially about the sexy clothes.
However, other MUI officials, Slamet Effendi Yusuf, uncover, what is said about the concert Lady Gaga Cholil is a personal opinion.
According to Slamet, the organization has not issued a fatwa to that effect. Slamet added, to issue a fatwa, it takes the agreement of all the bigwigs MUI.
Slamet, personally, do not question the Muslim youth to witness the Lady Gaga concert. In his view, young Muslim Indonesia is able to differentiate between good and bad.
Slamet also expressed the hope that Lady Gaga was wearing decent clothes.
Meanwhile, the Istiqlal Mosque Imam Ali Mustafa Yaqub said, Lady Gaga personally not haram, but watching women with minimal clothing is unlawful.
According to Ali, the Islamic law, women may only appear naked in front of her husband.
'Lady Gaga Concert Haram?' The din of Jagat Twitter
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Starting from the statement of a chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), the topic of 'Lady Gaga Concert Haram' be a trending topic on Twitter universe.
One of the touted MUI chairman said that the Lady Gaga concert unlawful because it was too sexy clothes, indulgence genitalia, and he considered could damage the morale of the nation.No doubt, the news sparked mixed reactions Twitter user community.
Also participated in a number of figures to comment. As Ulil Abshar Abdalla who commented lightly through your @ ulil:'' Watch Lady Gaga concert haram if ndak have tickets. To be kosher, buy a ticket first. But, there are still tickets guns anyway?''
Or, Tifatul Sembiring via accounts @ tifsembiring who answered a question from a user's Twitter. Tifatul seems to prefer the berpantun commented:'' Lady Gaga selling Duku, sports badanpun not rigid.''
However, a variety of harsh criticism passed on the universe of this virtual world. Such accounts @ bramadr that says,'' Lady Gaga Concert Haram by MUI. Preparing for news Other nyeleneh deh.News for the transfer of fuel prices going up. : |''
While the account @ AnasChairil loud:'' Watch lady gaga concert haram? how dg & Indonesian horror movie to watch performances Indonesian dangdut artist? :) Haramkah?'' Some are asking, what about the concert earlier artists such as Katy Perry is no less attractive, but did not invite any reaction.
Chairman of the MUI forbade Lady Gaga concert?
In recent months, Indonesia often once held a concert singers from various foreign countries, such as Jessy J, Evanesence, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and many more.
Which still awaited the Lady Gaga concert will be held at the Bung Karno, Senayan, South Jakarta on June 30, 2012 that will come.
As we all know that Lady Gaga is famous for its strange appearance, quirky, and sexy plus his golden voice, no wonder so many fans, including in Indonesia.
But according to Khalil Ridwan, as Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council, a concert featuring attractions indulgence in lust and stimulate genitalia of the opposite sex, not worth watching Muslims, thus unlawful. Including the Lady Gaga concert.
"The reason is normative, that indulgence and movements that stimulate the genitals of the opposite sex," Khalil said as quoted on the second page.
Lady Gaga was often gets skewed responses from various parties, especially in dress and action 'brutal' it, especially when the concert.
Despite all this, Lady Gaga concert tickets are promoted by Big Daddy are sold out as many as 40 thousand tickets.
How, still want to go to a concert Lady Gaga?
Promoter Ticket Sales Stop
Wow, 44 thousand tickets sold out Lady Gaga concert!
JAKARTA - In the midst of warm talks Lady Gaga concert at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Senayan, Jakarta, concert tickets provided by the promoter Big Daddy as much as 44 thousand are sold out.
Finally, promoters had sold 4000 tickets remaining. And it's a great show last ticket ahead of the 'Mother Monster'.
"So there is an additional 4000 tickets to be sold initially through a sponsor. But due to high demand, the sponsor eventually allocate the tickets to be sold. But it is over 44 thousand tickets would happen, "said Michael Rush, director of Big Daddy President to Legal Live Concert in Jakarta, Monday (19/03/2012).
Michael explains, all who reach 44 thousand tickets were sold out in just over a week.
"Approximately one week we sold 44 thousand tickets. If it was Lady Gaga looks problematic, baseball's possible I could sell that many tickets, hehehe .., "he said.
One of the leaders of Islamic Ulema Council, Khalil Ridwan, could catapult Gaga gig in Jakarta unlawful. Indeed, the action Gaga is famous for its glamorous costumes and open.
Michael tried to muffle the pros and cons about the singer's Bad Romance. Party promoter to make sure, personal Gaga smart environment that can adapt in a Muslim majority, so it will not appear openly. (Tre)Related news: Lady GagaLady Gaga Will not Open-aperture At Concert in JakartaFans Got Worry Lady Gaga Concert CanceledCriticized, Concert Promoter INVITE Dialog Problem Lady GagaConsidered Haram, Lady Gaga Concert Street Continues"Lady Gaga Media Boycott as Sensation"Lady Gaga Media Boycott, Concert in Indonesia without a press conference?Golden Circle Class 286 Lady Gaga Tickets RemainingLady Gaga Give New Surprise Show in JakartaLady Gaga: New York Really Mad!
Hundreds of People to Stay For Tickets Lady Gaga
TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Hundreds of people willing to stay in line to buy concert tickets for Lady Gaga, Saturday, March 10, 2012."From last night there are already hundreds of nginep here. Rame really," said Daus, 32 years, one of the ticket buyers.
Generally, those who stay spend the whole morning in the parking fX, where the queue. Daus explained he was from 22.00 yesterday in fX mall, where tickets are sold. "Pretty tired, but happy to talk a lot friend," he said.
Daus said his return to fX is not due to his favorite singer is Born This Way. "Ngantriin people," he said with a laugh.
When asked how much income is received, the man who lived in the area of ​​West Jakarta is back with a little laugh throwing jokes."Not bad, just create a meal," he said, reluctant to face.
Daily living as a driver he admitted. This employer is asked to line up tickets Lady Gaga.
Daus was waiting to fruition. At around 10:05, he managed to get four tickets ordered. "Two tickets reserved grandstand tickets and two stands for women," he said. Ticket was purchased at a price of Rp 450 thousand and $ 1.25 million.
Lady Gaga is ready to hit Jakarta, June 3, 2012. In a series of world tour, Lady Gaga will be performing in some countries, like South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia. This concert tour will be off 27 April to 8 July.Indonesia is a country cover of the tour circuit.
The concert titled Born This Way Ball will present the castle as a stage. At a concert at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Lady Gaga will bring 26 songs that have become a worldwide hit.

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