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Stevie Wonder-tune the Java Jazz Festival 2012

Stevie Wonder-tune the Java Jazz Festival 2012
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - On the last day of Java Jazz Festival 2012 mat, Java Festival Production is proud to present a special show presents veteran jazz musicians, Stevie Wonder. Although priced tickets are quite expensive, Rp. 2 million, 15,000 (fifteen thousand) pairs of eyes are expected to attend the concert on Sunday (04/03) evening.
New Stevie Wonder on stage at around 21:37 pm, an hour late from the schedule.
Emerging from the left side of the stage, she walked slowly, carrying a white keytar. "Indonesia Hello" she shouted.Inevitably screams and thunderous applause of thousands of spectators burst into the rest of the Hall D2 Kemayoran JIExpo
Despite having limited vision, she suggests that people like himself who have a deficiency can also be independent and work. 'How Sweet It Is' a sweet opening her concert. She subsequently sang 'The Way You Make Me Feel' where the entire audience without command sing along with Stevie.
Light beam is dominated by the red color shows passion when Stevie plays keyboard and harmonica. She is accompanied by a number of players backing vocal band and also with lively dancing and singing.
'Overjoyed', 'I Just Call to Say I Love You', 'I'm Every Woman', 'Do not You Worry About Thing' in a row brought her.
In addition to a nice voice and his skills playing keytar, Stevie also good at making jokes. His friends on stage too often 'Keki' with the act of Stevie who likes music dismiss all of a sudden.
'Signed Sealed', 'I Wish', 'You Are The Sunshine of My Life', 'My Chery Almond', and 'Supertitions' also a few hits that brought her.
Nearly two hours of entertaining her. She also closed her performance with the song 'As', Accompanied by backing vocals, her body bowed and thanked the audience. Stevie later jumping excitedly like a little kid gets a prize.
Yes, sambutam rousing the audience into a valuable gift for her."I Love Indonesia," she shouted. Tonight was also very valuable and unforgettable for anyone who is the room with her last night.
JJF 2012: Mayer Hawthorne Feast Invite Viewers
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - Mayer Hawthorne & The Country look up at Java Jazz Festival 2012 event on Sunday (04/03). Dressed neatly in a shirt umgu young, Mayer presents a lively show at once familiar. "Let 's take the picture of us!," He shouted as he led his band style of all personnel.
Mayer invitation was not just lip service. Told the committee he was asked to explain that deliberately dim light. The audience certainly did not waste this opportunity. For about five minutes posing Mayer & The Country love-love for the audience. After the audience satisfied, turn the band to capture the expression of the audience from the stage.
Photo session is complete, Mayer reward the audience with the song "I Wish It Would Rain". For the umpteenth time the audience were dancing merrily along the track is played. This white vocalist managed to conjure up the arena like a party hall.
Before continuing the show, Mayer asked the audience off their gadgets software. This is done in order to focus the audience watching their performances tonight. Audience was enthusiastically welcomed this request. Meyer then sang "Green Eyed Loved" to the audience in a cooperative.
"Mayer look really attractive, exclusive, and interactive," said one spectator, Astrid.

Late in the audience JJF Bubi Chen Memories
REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - Despite the weather in JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta is uncertain, but the audience remained enthusiastic jazz music in the arena of Java Jazz Festival 2012, Sunday (04/03). Including the place where the show is dedicated to the Bubi Chen's "In Memoriam of Bubi Chen" took place, in Garuda Indonesia Semeru Hall.
Bubi Chen fans from Indonesia and abroad as well although the entrance queue faithfully unopened.
Bubi Chen who has released numerous albums, several of which are 'Bubi Chen And His Fabulous 5', 'Mr.Jazz', 'Pop Jazz', 'Peace (1989)', 'Bubi Chen and his friends (1990)', and'Jazz The Two Of Us (1996)' is a pianist and musician pride of Indonesia. Bubi Chen's name is not only known in Indonesia, but also known in almost all around the world. That is why in 2004, Satya Bubi Chen received the award for his devotion to art badges of former president Megawati.
Before the show begins, viewers are presented with some of the photos displayed on two large screens located on either side of the stage. The photos show the albums that made Bubi, Bubi also featured as the expert move to play the piano to accompany a young jazz singer Indonesia, Andien or when Bubi perform in Java Jazz 2011 tribute to the same place he held.
JJF one of the founders, Peter F. Gontha when opening acaramenuturkan that JJF trying to commemorate the departure of Bubi Chen.
"Last year I stood on one stage to commemorate Elfa Sesioria, and Utha Likumahuwa, Indonesia creative industry is an industry that is large enough, this evening we want to commemorate one of the people in the creative industries," he said.
The first appearance was opened with a game in Sierra Soetedjo with piano accompaniment from idang Rasjidi, drummer Sandy Winarta, and bass player Dony Sunjoyo.
Idang Rasjidi said Bubi Chen is a friend, friend, teacher and mentor outstanding superb. He also recalled when four or five days before his death Bubi could reach him.
"Dang iki (this) Java Jazz playing little longer, dang if I did not play salamkan sempet yaa it for everything," said Bubi Chen idang mimic words.
In 'In Memoriam of Bubi Chen', Indra also present and a duet with Bob Tutupoli. Indra said that he knew Bubi because he was a friend of his father, Jack Lesmana.
"If the Jakarta Om Bubi living in my house, I shared a bedroom. Bubi never sleeps, he always uses headphones and play LPs and record albums record that he has not had," recalls Indra.
Bubi old friend, bass player Tahalele Jefri, all star Beny Indonesian drummer Mustafa also performed demonstrated their prowess in honor of Bubi Chen. Guitar player from the island were also present Budjana god. Budjana who had collaborated with the Bubi Chen brought an instrumental song or game that he is now entitled 'Bubi'.
On this occasion Peter F Gontha also rewards "Java Jazz Lifetime Achievement Award" in the Bubi Chen received a family member Bubi Chen.

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